It is not often you meet someone and feel like you have known them for years but for these two it certainly felt like that. When Marie enquired she explained how a friend of hers had recommended us. Claire was a former bride of ours and we have kept in touch since, in fact the last time we saw her was at her brothers wedding a year before. She was also one of Marie’s Bridesmaids and had told Marie that we had started offering photography so should chat to us about our packages. Before we knew it we had chatted away for sometime and booked in their wedding day and a pre-wedding shoot. It is here where I got to meet them all – Marie, Andrew and their beautiful little girl Darcey.

These guys have been in each others life since school days and although they have travelled and worked their way up in the world seperatley as fate would have it they still ended up being together, living in London and mapping out their lives as a couple and as parents. Andrew proposed in April this year and they decided to not wait around and book the date at a venue Marie loved and two months later we were all there to witness them marry each other in a beautiful ceremony followed by a blessing at the church across the field next to Gosfield Hall.

The day was full of fun, laughter and dancing ended perfectly with a mini party on the terrace and firework display. We had such a great time filming and photographing the day, here is a little sneak peak of what they got up to.

Congrats guys! xxxx

Essex Wedding Photographer and Videographer


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