We are so excited to be able to share this wonderful day with you all. Grace’s father Paul contacted us after seeing a colleagues wedding film (Adam & Nicola) that we filmed in Birmingham back in 2015. Originally they had not planned on having a wedding film but when they watched there’s he knew it would be something they would come to regret so a call was made.

I was so pleased to say were we available and of course have the opportunity to film in such a beautiful location. Following the few weeks leading up to the wedding we met with Grace, Rich, Grace’s parents and their beautiful little girl Florence. It bought memories flooding back from our own wedding in Italy and I knew that they were in for such an amazing time.

Upon arriving in Lake Como we were welcomed by a huge chunk of their wedding guests who were on the same flight. As you can imagine the atmosphere was full of excitement, anticipation and happiness for the couple of days to come.

The first evening Grace & Rich hosted a private boat journey across the lake to a restaurant were they dined together under the beautiful night sky.

The day of the wedding we took the opportunity to awake early and capture Varenna and the shores of Lake Como at its natural, restful beauty – a wonderful way to start a wedding day. That followed by capturing the venue, Hotel Villa Cipressi and the staff prepping the venue before we were due to we with Grace and Rich. A 4pm ceremony allowed for guests to relax and enjoy the town, hotel and of course lake which I am sure only enhanced their experience.

The time come for the ceremony to commence and WOW what an experience the whole day was, simply stunning and a joy to film including the couple shoot on the speed boat ?

This is our time to thank Grace & Rich for choosing us to film their wedding and of course to Paul and their planner Sally from Wedding Box Lake Como.

Love the UV Team xxxx


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