So as you may or may not know now, I (Jennie) have launched my photography service alongside our films giving new couples the option to either stick with using Unique Visuals solely for film production or having Steve film and me photograph their day. This in itself is a huge honour and for the couples who have booked their film+photo package with us for 2018 and 2019 we are very excited.

However it seems as though this news has not just been of interest to new couples, but our past couples also. We love keeping in touch with you all and since launching this service I have had the pleasure of being asked to capture two of our 2016 couples with their beautiful babies. I simply had to share a few pics of both shoots with you. I focus on capturing the family naturally in their home and if they wish an outdoor surrounding, taking a step back and simply capturing them being them. From feeding, bathing, dressing, playing and of course lots of cuddles and kisses.

First up is Vanessa + James. We filmed their day back in April 2016 at Maidens Barn near Chelmsford and just two weeks ago they welcomed their beautiful baby girl Nola June into the world. Vanessa was so excited to have a newborn lifestyle shoot and to be honest I was too!! I spent a couple of hours with them one Sunday morning when Nola was 11 days old. A little catch up, cuppa and a cuddle and then I stepped back and let them be the amazing new parents that they are. It even worked out that Nola’s cord come off the evening before which meant I was able to capture her first bath which was wonderful, I was over the moon that I was able to capture this for them as I knew Vanessa really wanted this.

So here they are a few selected shots from their gallery. Welcome to the world Nola June, I cannot wait to watch and capture you grow over the next coming year!


Next is Rea and Tommy. We filmed their day back in June 2016 at High House Farm near Chelmsford.  They welcomed baby Hudson to the world in March this year and since then have been on quite a journey not just becoming new parents but also buying and renovating a new home and what beautiful first family home it is. With this in mind Rea contacted me and asked if I could capture some pictures of them as a family in their new home and of course I said yes. Again a little catch up and a cuddle and I let them do their thing. Rea was super organised and had matching outfits for each room decor which was simply stunning we even made it out to the local park for a few autumn pictures to celebrate Hudson’s first halloween, a date in the dairy that Rea and Tommy Lee love to celebrate!

Below are a few selected shots from their gallery. A massive congrats guys on your gorgeous baby boy and new home.


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